Nothing happens in a vacuum

Nothing happens in a vacuum, or without connection to other like-minded people

To the editor;

Someone recently asked, “Are you still involved with the BC Conservatives? We need to get our act together”.  I responded, “I am again.  There’s a movement from grassroots members, who’ve left (or are disengaged) to return. Many are saying we need to know our party will no longer be allowed to stay lost in the wilderness; it must get out and engage with people, raise its’ profile, and present policies people will identify with.”

We need to talk with candidates who left after the disastrous 2013 campaign, find federal conservatives (lost in the BC Liberal party whose leader is tied to the Federal Liberals), and talk with CPC candidates who were not elected and who will be important for their campaign skills.  There’s hope, but ONLY if members, former and disillusioned members, and those who once gave us a look, become engaged again.

The Nov. 6, Vancouver Observer ran a story; “Why isn’t Christy Clark facing the fight of her life over triple-deletes?” It asked: “Why aren’t the winds of change battering down the legislature? It’s because we don’t have an effective opposition – nor an alternative government in waiting. With no effective opposition from the NDP or the Greens …Christy Clark will easily win the next election and continuing governing regardless of how competent she actually is.”

BC Conservatives weren’t mentioned, and it’s no wonder.

The article concluded: “… we need a passionate and driven group of those shut off and disengaged – to stand together, get organized, and take back our province … if we don’t, Christy Clark won’t have to answer to anybody. That’s bad for democracy, it’s bad for B.C.”

Those words also hold true for small “c” conservatives; what we have IS bad for democracy.  People, no matter what their political beliefs, want input into processes they feel left out of. Are you willing to show by action there is value in building this party?

Nothing happens in a vacuum, or without connection to other like-minded people.  Change is coming so renew your membership today, or take a moment to become a BC Conservative.

Alan Forseth

Received by email