On the subject of Daylight Savings Time

letter to the editor from Bob George, almost Barriere (six minutes)

To the editor;

Re: March 28/13 issue, Ewashina letter on ‘Daylight Savings Time and rocks’.

You know Helen, you don’t mind if I call you Helen? Because I wouldn’t know you from a bale of freshly mown horse hay.  Some of us old folks that are rapidly approaching antiquity, rheumy eyes, hobbling into the post office, saying to themselves “Who the hell was that anyway?”, about the person who just said “Hi Phil” or “Hi Olive”, the men, with eyebrow hair pointing at their foreheads, black hair emitting from ears and nose, some who should really have name tags with phone numbers just in case; we’re the ones who enjoy the arrival of Daylight Saviings Time the most.

Every year the winters, as mild as they have been of late, get longer every year.  It’s not so bad if you live in Spences Bridge, Ashcroft, Merritt, Cache Creek or even Kamloops, but this is Barriere, the threshold of the Great White North.  You actually begin to feel it as far south as Vinsulla, for sure by McLure.

We, in this age category, tend to sleep in longer, at least I do.  The wife and advisor in all things, always an early riser, feeds our last remaining old mare and the cats down in the green house where they all reside.  The longer evenings of light and warmth are a blessing, and the old tattered recliner, now relegated to the back porch, gets lots of use now-a-days.  As old man Grinder said of Tom Wycott, “A man’s a fool to die in the Spring.”

As for the rocks, I have to agree with you on that.  The stop signs?  A matter of necessity to slow down the local yo-yo’s, and we seem to have an abundance of those.  A round-about would have worked maybe.  It would have stopped the logging trucks, some of whom also drive too fast through the town, raising a dust cloud from the sand and gravel that hasn’t been swept up soon enough.  I feel for the walkers and those on electric doodle-bugs.

The town is busier, and there’s a lot more grey hair, so it’s time for some reconsideration in the old attitudes.  A 40K limit between the high school and AG Foods would help, but why they put that 30K limit in front of an almost fully fenced city hall goes past me.

I’d even welcome double daylight.

Bob  George,

Almost Barriere (six minutes)