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Opinion: The ‘New Kid’ is almost here

By Rita Joan Dozlaw

Shortly after old Kiss Kringle makes his annual appearance at Christmastime, a new kid will show up on the block! He’ll be an infant without a hair on his head or a stitch of clothes on his chubby little bod. He’ll upstage Oldman 2021, and he’ll be squalling to live in better times.

The new baby will create a stir and we’ll sure be eager to welcome him on New Year’s Eve. We’ll celebrate in party hats, wear masks on our faces, jabs on our arms, and make some impractical promises and reasonable resolutions. He’ll be a total unknown, of course, but since we’ve all celebrated newness of years past, we know the drill and our personal role to rally for better times.

Since the new kid will appear without blemish, we’ll name him ‘Hope 4-2022’. He’ll have ten fingers and ten toes to take us places, and with his twenty-twenty vision for the future, he’ll whisk us on a brand new twelve-month journey.

Neighbors, friends and relatives will wonder, though, if he will show a stormy disposition or encourage a teachable spirit in us all Will he help create a miracle and end the Covid pandemic once and for all? It’s anyone’s guess. Mine is that he’ll take a liking to the idea of healthier livelihoods, exotic travel, family and friends getting together, and a good economy! Will he go so far as to help us lift all the inconvenient and annoying regulations in our city and around the world?

Nobody knows, but right away the new baby will start by kicking off the covers which keep us blind and depressed. He’ll track what has been accomplished in the past—or not—and, as old man age creeps up on him, his sage advice will be to never give up—not even when our glasses seem to overflow with failed opportunities as they did, unfortunately, for some in 2021.

Let’s hope that, like young 2021 challenged us, the new kid with a warm strong heart for all our weaknesses, will also challenge us. We’ll see him turn into an accomplished old fellow. On lifting our glasses to toast him on Dec. 31st, with hearty egg-nog, we’ll see clearly that the four seasons to come will be new, like him, and better. There is no doubt that our new year will arrive with strong suggestions that we all do our part. Twenty twenty-two’s main point may be to hold us to our promises to highly regard each other and the tough restrictions and keep the faith.

As cycles repeat, we live and learn, make mistakes and set about to correct them. Most of us like the fact that the new guy will give us, in his generous manner, a whole year of opportunities to succeed. Hope 4-2022 will be perceptive of our endeavours to stay strong and resilient and, from his cradle to his ending, will be wishing all of us a prosperous and HAPPY YEAR 2022!



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