Opposition parties need to get their act together in Canada

Who should be in charge of the political, financial, economic and environmental challenges?

To the editor;

Who, Canadians will be asked in a few months, should be in charge of the political, financial, economic and environmental challenges that affects us all?

Do all incumbent and wannabe politicians give some serious thought to what Stephen Hawking said?: “How can the human race sustain another 100 years?”

The present government, no, dictator, not at all. But all other parties really need to get their act together if they want to replace him.

Justin [Trudeau] should think about what his dad [Pierre] said, after he retired and acquired some wisdom and wrote in his book, Lifting The Shadow Of War: “Cooperation is no longer advantageous, in order to survive it is an absolute necessity. The proper discharge of these functions calls for more than tinkering with the present system. We know in our hearts what has to be done if we have not yet found in our minds the way it can be done…the role of leadership today is to encourage the embrace of Global Ethic. An Ethic that abhors the present imbalance in the basic human condition.”

Imagine, if an alien from outerspace were to visit the home of a Conservative, Liberal, NDP or Green family, or anywhere else in the world, the alien would hardly find any difference in family life, as we all have the same needs, and we all have a desire that our descendants’ needs will be met in the future, but probably won’t, if we carry on as usual.

In closing, I’d like to share some thoughts that I wrote many years ago and can still be found on the Web.

“The endless pro-and-con arguments about Global Warming or Climate Change, whether man- or sun-made, or even true, must look really ridiculous, when intelligently viewed from a cosmic-time-perspective and the future. Eliminating needless competition and non-life producing jobs and businesses, without anybody suffering, could cut resource and electricity demand and greenhouse gases drastically, and nature will take care of itself.”

Nature does not need us. Energy that is not needed does not have to be produced. Remember Future Shop, Zellers, Target, etc.?

Gunther Ostermann,

Kelowna, B.C.