Our healthcare style at risk

letter to the editor from Jean Woodland, Darfield - Our healthcare style at risk

To the editor;

Canada’s 10 year Health Accord expires next year and I am concerned about the Harper government’s response.  Stephen Harper has already stated that he wants to reduce the Canada Health Transfer by $36 billion.  He wants to off load onto the provinces and territories what have been federally funded services.

When Medicare was first negotiated, the cost sharing agreement was that the federal government would cover 50 percent and the provinces and territories would cover 50 percent.  Now he wants to change the formula so the feds pay 18 per cent and the provinces and territories pay 82 percent.  This would completely destroy a universal and standardized style of health care.  What he want to do, of course, is make Medicare unworkable so he can privatize it all.

Our current medical system’s structure consists of three parts: administration, medical personnel, and physical structures such as hospitals, clinics, etc.  In a privatized system, of course, the primary function is profit for the company, plus advertising (which must happen to solicit customers in a competitive business mode in order to enhance profits for the business), which are in addition to the three costs mentioned above.  Now for the life of me, I cannot see how this is a more fiscally responsible (which the Conservatives love to tout) model.

Who of us have not used our medical system in the last year, five years, or 10 years?  It is such a wonderful concept to know treatment is available to use without first being asked if we can pay for it.  It is a system know to most of the world to be unique, and universal, and very much valued by Canadians.  Why does Stephen Harper ignore this important issue and never mention Medicare?

And so I encourage you to write – write – write to the Harper government supporting Medicare.

Send your letters to: Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Hose of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1A 0A2 – no postage is needed when sent to this address.  I send copies to Elizabeth May, MP, Thomas Mulcair, MP, and Justin Trudeau, MP – also to the same address.

Jean Woodland,

Darfield, B.C.