Parent questions school over child’s concerns

Why is child coming home upset because of the budget of the school

To the editor;

My child is in elementary school, and I would like to know why my child is coming home all upset because of the budget of the school.

Back in our day school was a place to learn and have fun with our friends, not being worried about using a printer for a project, or a pencil, or having to bring supplies from home because, if they don’t the school will shut down because the school has no money.

All that I am saying is our kids do not need to hear about the money issues at school as some may have the same issues going on at home.Come on.

By the way I paid for my child’s school supplies in September, $65 or so.

Please I know times are tough all over but it should not be an issue for our children.

Keep our schools FUN and HAPPY!!

Concerned parent

Barriere, BC