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A little over 20 miles from Capernaum was the village of Nain, and Jesus next headed that way. Many of His disciples were with Him and others who followed along the way until there was quite a large crowd.

As the joyful group climbed the rocky path towards Nain, they saw a funeral procession heading toward the place of burial filling the air with mournful cries. In front was carried the open bier of a young man, the only support of his widowed mother who mournfully followed, a scene awakening sympathy.

The mother moved on blindly weeping, and didn’t notice Jesus coming near. Tenderly, He gently said, “Weep not.” He then reached out and touched the bier. The bearers stood still; the mourners were silent. Jesus had healed the sick and cast out demons; could He raise the dead too, they wondered.

In a clear authoritative voice, Jesus spoke the words, “Young man I say unto you, arise!” that voice pierced the ears of the dead. The young man opened his eyes. Jesus took his hand and lifted him up. Seeing his mother standing there, they united in a long joyous hug. For a short time the hushed and reverent crowd hardly believe their eyes. The funeral train returned to Nain as a joyous procession, and the story of what Jesus did spread far and wide.

He who stood beside the bier that day has the same unchanged tender heart today, full of pity and love. He loves you, dear reader, and longs to come near to comfort, strengthen and encourage you. He gives us hope in knowing through Bible prophecies that He is coming very soon to take us home to heaven (1 Thessalonians 4:12-18). He also instructs us how to be ready for that wonderful day.

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