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By Marie Odell

As Jesus spoke of living water He was willing to give the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well, her interest was aroused, and she desired this gift of water He offered. She could tell Jesus was not talking about the well before her, for she had to come every day to draw water from it. So she said, “Sir, give me this water that I thirst not.”

Jesus abruptly changed the conversation by saying, “Go call your husband and come here.”

She replied, “I have no husband.”

Before He could share the spiritual gift He wanted to give her, she must recognize her sin and her need of a Saviour. He continued, “You are right. You’ve had five husbands, and the one you are living with now isn’t your husband.

This revelation she had hoped to keep secret shook her up and woke her conscience with thoughts of eternity and judgment to come. In reverence, she said, “Sir I perceive You are a prophet. Tell me, where should we worship? Our fathers worshipped in this mountain, and you Jews say we should worship at Jerusalem.”

She was hoping to divert attention from herself to an item of contention between the Samaritans and the Jews.

Jesus, wanting to lift her thoughts above questions of controversy, said, “The hour is coming and now is when the true worshippers of God shall worship in spirit and in truth. The Father seeks such to worship Him.”

It isn’t by seeking a special place to worship or performing external forms and ceremonies one serves God aright. It’s when we yield to the Holy Spirit to change us and heal us, giving a new ability to really know and love God, happy to obey His wise counsel. This is true worship.

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Marie Odell is a member of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church



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