Please help Nepal survivors

Right now in Nepal, it costs $8 a week to feed a person or $40 a week to feed a family of five

To the editor;

I want to thank the many people of Clearwater who have given me money to send to Nepal.

Right now in Nepal, it costs $8 a week to feed a person or $40 a week to feed a family of five.

Food is being distributed, but the demand is high and the price is going up. Getting the food into the remote villages is difficult as many villages are a week’s hike away from the nearest road.

It is shelter that is hard to find. A huge amount of the population is living under tarps and tents in fields in front of their destroyed homes. Every tarp and tent in Nepal is now being used and more are on the way.

All of Langtang valley has been evacuated to Kathmandu as the main village was wiped off the face of the earth by an avalanche and it is still unstable and not safe to be there. There are only a few people left there and they are dealing with the bodies.

In the village of Langtang, only 15 people survived and over 150 were killed. From the whole valley, all 488 survivors are now in one place under tarps on monastery grounds in the city of Kathmandu.

Over 175 people in this valley died (over 25 per cent of the population) and over 80 per cent lost their homes and all of their possessions.

Your contributions are going directly to this valley. I am in touch with a number of the survivors and they are very appreciative.

Life for them is better than in was two weeks ago. They now have food, a community kitchen and they are all together in one place, but they have no village to go home to.

Thank you and please contact me at 250-587-6444 if you have any questions.

If you want to up to date information – join the Rasuwa Relief on Facebook and you will get the best internet information available.

Ian Eakins, Tay Briggs and family

Clearwater, B.C.