Praise for Fishtrap Horse Camp

Letter to the editor from Adam O'Connell about Fishtrap Creek Horse Camp

The Fishtrap Creek Horse Camp offers corrals

The Fishtrap Creek Horse Camp offers corrals

Local North Thompson  Valley trail  proponent, Connie Falk, shared this letter with Star/Journal readers.

Dear Ms. Falk;

I’m writing you in regards to the Fishtrap Creek Horse Camp and what a wonderful facility you, your community and volunteers have created.

My family and I recently experienced the pleasure of staying at this camp and I have to say it is one of the most remarkable public camping facilities in our province.

This year we camped at the Fishtrap Creek Horse Camp for five days, from October 17 to 22.

Although the weather threw us some curves it was nothing we weren’t prepared for, and we were extremely comfortable thanks to the fantastic facilities!

The ladies truly appreciated the shower houses, and the gazebo was great for gathering together out of the weather.

We are an avid outdoors family,  with interests spreading from hunting and fishing, to hiking and trail riding; any way you slice us we love the outdoors.

We’ve been coming to the Barriere area for a few years now for family camping.  This was the first time we stayed at the site, and we plan to again in the future because it truly is fantastic.

This letter is a small token of thanks for the hard work, passion and dedication that obviously went into the development of this site.

We truly appreciate having access to sites like this and hope that we can enjoy it again in coming years.

Thank you!

Adam O’Connell