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Preparing for the time change

The time change occurs twice a year, in the spring and the fall, and it has been in place in parts of Canada for more than 110 years.

While the time change provides daylight well into the evenings during the summer months, the adjustment in spring and fall is difficult for many people. Some studies have shown an increase in traffic accidents and workplace injuries in the days immediately following the springtime change. Other studies suggest there are other consequences resulting from the switch.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has called for an end to seasonal time changes, recommending a fixed standard time throughout the year.

There are also some minor annoyances resulting from the time changes. While modern computers and cell phones adjust automatically for the time change, other clocks in homes, on appliances and in vehicles must be set manually. This is an inconvenience that would not occur if the time change was eliminated.

Doing away with the time change would result in some adjustments, resulting in later sunrise times during the winter months or earlier sunsets in summer. The effects of these changes must be considered.

Some areas, including the Yukon Territory, most of Saskatchewan and the Peace Country in northeastern British Columbia, no longer change their clocks with the seasons. Around the world, many countries in Asia, South America and parts of Africa, as well as much of Australia, once used daylight saving time but have now abandoned the time changes. Some of these places use standard time throughout the year while others use daylight saving time throughout the year.

Abandoning the time change has also been proposed in British Columbia, but at present, the concept has not become a reality. While the provincial government in British Columbia is interested in abandoning the time change, the provincial government is waiting to coordinate this with the U.S. states of Washington, Oregon and California.

For now, the time change will continue. Whether it will be eliminated in the future remains to be seen.

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