Proponent for Recall states his opinion

To the editor;

To the editor;

The people of British Columbia have something no other province has. We are being watched, coast to coast by the people of the rest of Canada. If we make this Recall, Referendum work.

They will surely demand they are allowed to do the same. It will change the history of Canada. The politicians will know that they can, and will be held accountable from now on.

But, people it is up to us now. Will we stay complacent and leave our dictator governments in place to sell or give away our country?

How many more hospitals and schools will we allow them to close? One hundred and seventy-four schools so far.

Or will we step up to the plate, leave the TV set and get out, sign the recalls?

If we do not show them now, we must expect (mark my words) that our BC Hydro within two to five years will no longer be ours. It will be gone under USA ownership as is our BC Rail, BC Gas, our rivers, and The Canadian National Railway, to name but a few.

What Tommy Douglas fought and won for us will be gone also; our Heath Care will be privatized!

I plead, on my knees to the people of B.C. Get out; recall, recall, recall.

If we don’t do it this time we will only have ourselves to blame and never have this chance again. They will know that they have total control and can carry on doing whatsoever they wish.

Wayne Russell

The Vagabond Writer