Quit spending money on Naloxone kits

Quit spending money on Naloxone kits

Why is the use of illegal drugs being enabled?

To the editor;

I would like to compliment Premier John Horgan’s announcement to provide funding for more beds in facilities that will also be open longer hours to help addicts who want to try to get off drugs. I for one am behind that 100 per cent. What I am not behind is spending another $6 million over the next three years for more Naloxone kits. Are these not illegal drugs that are being used by addicts who are being saved by Naloxone kits, sometimes many times in a single day? Why is the use of illegal drugs being enabled? Ask yourself who re – ally benefits from the government spending millions of taxpayer dollars saving drug addicts. In my opinion, it is the drug dealers whose addicted cus – tomers continue to buy from them time after time. Drug dealers probably appreciate having their customers saved by Naloxone kits paid for by the taxpayers as it is more profit for them. Our health-care system needs every taxpayer dollar it can get to provide more doctors, fund critical-care facilities and help pay for ex – pensive drugs to treat illness and disease — all services needed by ordinary people who pay taxes. Yet the government continues to spend millions of tax dollars ensuring drug dealers have an endless supply of repeat customers. Have the political leaders of this province and country completely lost their thinking ability?

Ken Dalke

Kamloops, B.C.