Ranchers: dared to be different

Mostly in life, you get what you pay for and that holds true for both goods and services.

Sometimes, though, no matter what the cost, you feel like you didn’t get your money’s worth while on other occasions you think you got way more than you paid for, as aptly illustrated in an IKEA commercial — the one where the woman comes running from a store, bags a’flappin’ yelling, “start the car — start the car.”

Last Thursday, the Kit Pharo, Jim Gerrish, Rob Davidson seminar at the BC Livestock Co-op yards was one of those full-value deals in life, where you got more than you paid for.

Thanks to help from various sponsors, the organizing group, Clint and Karen Thompson and Dave Zirnhelt were able to keep it affordable for anyone to attend and a $20-bill bought you lunch and some very interesting information.

It is Kit Pharo’s belief that ranchers today are working themselves harder than ever, just  to pay for “iron and oil” and that there is no end in sight to that trend, as operating costs will continue to rise, outpacing income by leaps and bounds.

Pharo says, “It seems incredibly obvious to me that we all need to get serious about reducing and eliminating expenses — in our personal lives, as well as in our businesses. We cannot change the writing on the wall, but we can learn to live with it. Only when a cow-calf producer is willing and able to break away from the status quo herd of high-input, unsustainable agriculture will he be able to truly identify expenses that can be reduced or eliminated from his operation.”

Pharo challenged those present to dare to be different.

He offers free bumper stickers that read: Proud to be a Herd Quitter or Herd Quitter which you can request from his website at www.pharocattle.com along with more information.

By Liz Twan – Williams Lake Tribune