Reader asks Harper to remember all Canadians

To the editor:

Well, welcome to Harperland.

I wrote to Stephen Harper to congratulate him and his party on their election win, but I reminded him that although 5.9 million Canadians voted for his party, 8.6 million of us did not.

I also told him that I really enjoyed the humour in his election night speech and that when he said he would be governing for ‘all Canadians’, I laughed and laughed.

So, where will the next funding cuts happen?  In the Harper minority, he had already started to dismantle the Wheat Board so he will finish that off.  Which means Canadian farmers completely lose any control over the sale or price of their product.  We know how Stephen Harper loves large corporations and privatization, so come on Monsanto and come on Cargill – take control of Canadian grains and ship them wherever for maximum profit.  And of course, he will completely destroy the CBC.

The previous funding cuts have mainly been directed toward women’s groups such as Status of Women (which advocated for women’s rights), the National Association of Women and the Law, the Child Care Advocacy Association, and the Network of Immigrant Women, to name only a very few.  These groups had been built up over the past 40 years with much hard work.

So now comes Jim Flaherty’s tax cut to corporations bringing it down to 15 per cent, the lowest in the G-7 and considerably less than in the U.S.

These neo-cons look directly into the camera and state that Health Care is not sustainable; child care – way too costly; Pharmacare – too left-wing; tuition, social housing –  too bad.  But while governing for all Canadians’ they cut taxes for the corporations and the wealthy.

Jean Woodland

Darfield, B.C.