Reader in favour of privatization

To the editor;

I have never completely understood why the public sector unions in this province are so rabidly opposed to public-private partnerships and contracting out.

Don’t public sector union members pay taxes like the rest of us?

Don’t they want to see their tax dollars spent as wisely, as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible?

Public-private partnerships, contracting out, and privatization are well-established, well-proven ways to get the most out of our public tax dollars and ensure that these dollars are being spent to their best advantage.

The private sector has the ability to leverage experience and expertise the public sector does not have while transferring financial risk away from taxpayers and offering incredible value for money spent.

In short, privatization, contracting out, and public-private partnerships have clear, well-recognized benefits for taxpayers.

Every taxpayer in BC should therefore stop and ask themselves why the public sector unions in this province fight so aggressively against any and all efforts to contract out or privatize services.

Whose interest are they looking out for?

Apparently not for your interest or mine as taxpayers.

Matthew Enns

Received by email