Reader weighs in on local doggie-do issue

Letter to the editor from Ann Piper, Barriere - Reader weighs in on local doggie-do issue

To the editor;

I must be missing something.

I have been living in downtown Barriere for eight months, and during all that time I doubt that I’ve seen more than a half dozen dogs wandering at large.

My dog and I frequent Fadear Park a few times a day.

I find so few dogs’ deposits in the park that they stand out.  Oh, they’re there, but their numbers are so small their mere presence draws comment.

Perhaps the problem is greater in other parts of town.

Probably, somewhere out there, a dog barks in the night or (God forbid) chases neighbourhood cats, but overall, dog owners in Barriere deserve applause for their responsible performance.

Surely the doggie-do dilemma is not so extreme as to deserve a half-page of commentary in our newspaper of record.

Aren’t there more pressing issues to consider?

Ann Piper