Referendum coming

To the editor;

I would like to remind people of B.C. that you must be registered with Elections BC to vote in upcoming referendum or election.

Unlike the Federal election it is not good enough to just produce two pieces of identification in order to vote. You must be registered!

If you have moved since last election and put your new address in when you vote, your vote is no good.

You must notify Elections BC of the new address. It is very easy if you have a computer or maybe a friend has one. Go to BC Elections on the net and in five minutes you can register. You can also phone them to register or snail mail them.

On another note, I for one will be voting YES to extinguish the HST!

With the election of our Crispy Premier, we are now being bribed that the HST will go down from 12 per cent to 10 per cent.  But lets not get fooled as this offer (using your money).

Five million dollars so far on just the stick man ads, will take effect after the 2014 elections.  Now we all know that after an election a government in power can claim a new mandate and as such does not have to implement promises made in 2011.

So the promise to reduce the HST is false. If we vote NO simply to get a one time check of our own money for $175.00 we are actually selling our souls to the devil.

Our government has no money, we are deep in the red so they will have to borrow this money and we again will have to pay interest and compound interest on the dollars they are bribing us with. If the government buys us out on this we can forget from this point on having any government, regardless of party listening to the people of B.C.

They will know that they can do what ever they want from now on. Please vote YES to extinguish the HST.

Wayne Russell