Riley, thank you for the tire change

letter to the editor from Jean Amos, Barriere - Riley, thank you for the tire change

To the editor;

I think we all know that people who live in small towns are a special breed.  Last week, I was shown very clearly just how special they can be.

While I was sitting in my vehicle at a stop sign, a young man in a truck stopped and told me I had a flat tire.

He then proceeded to help rectify the problem for me, and find the spare tire and jack that were hidden in the side of the trunk of my car. The spare tire and the jack had never been used in the 10 years that I have owned the car.

He got the tire changed, but found out the spare was also flat.  He then took it off the wheel, and headed to the local gas station to fill them both with air while I waited with my car.

When he returned he put the spare on, and then told me to drive carefully to the local tire shop.  He then followed me there to make sure I made it okay.

This young man had just come off a shift at the mill, had been to the grocery store, and was then heading home.  But, he took the time to stop and help an 86-year-old senior, who was someone he did not know.

Thank you Riley, the young man from Little Fort, your generosity and kindness will not be forgotten.  Chivalry is indeed not dead!

Jean Amos