Road rage driver gets off light

Road rage driver gets off light by Robert Gill received by email

To the editor;

It seems that there are a few who drive larger pick-up trucks and think that because it’s a truck they can use that to intimidate others on the road.

While driving Highway 5 the other day an older gentleman in a Ford F350, at speeds exceeding 120km per hour, caught up to my vehicle as a slower moving car was ahead. To add to his tailgating of my vehicle, the use of bright fog lights (which were over-placed high on his push bar) made driving even harder.

He continued to tailgate until we reached a passing lane, where I signaled my pass and proceeded to pass the slower car in front, but the truck also pulled out and attempted to push me out of his way. After pulling out he moved his truck into my car as he proceeded to move past me, immediately after his pass he attempted to get his wheels into the gravel in the middle of the road and shower my car with the dirt and rocks, finally chipping my windshield in more than one place.

I did speed up to avoid having more rocks hit my windshield, but after this he continued to move his truck into my car, and once in front he slowed down and moved his vehicle into the middle as well as into the shoulder trying to spray more rocks.

A semi was now the vehicle in front of us, so again the traffic was slowed until we reached Barriere.

I stopped to purchase something’s at the Petro store, and the road rage driver continued into town, but he decided to turn his truck around and come back into the Petro; and as I was backing out of my parking spot he pulled right into me, stopped his truck and then got out and approached my vehicle and continued to threaten me and vent his rage. To this note I had to get out of my vehicle, where he continued in his rage.

To this person who thinks while in his truck he is bigger and needs to feel that he has the right to try to intimidate others; I did get out of my vehicle but I did use my self control, although I did feel the need to protect myself at this point.

To the person who did this act; I am a self defense and martial arts instructor and you seriously need to think about  your actions.  You think you did no wrong, but if you had kept your distance and your rage in check this situation would not have happened.

The situation could have escalated to something worse if I had not used my self control while you confronted me in such an aggressive manner.

Think to yourself how many times you have  done this to others, then perhaps you will have your answer and stop blaming the other guy.

Robert Gill

Received by email