Road wary in Little Fort


To the editor;

On rare occasions I have felt endangered enough on our busy highway to call 911 and report dangerous drivers or situations.

A few days ago, a black custom pickup came up suddenly behind me, brushed past my taillights, and screamed by me and the two vehicles I was following. We three were driving at the speed limit.

Because we were just south of Avola, where there is no cell service, I dialed 911 from my Alberta supplied satellite phone (Area Code 403). I wasn’t prepared for the maze I’d have to thread through to report (ironically) an Alberta plated speeder!

The first 911 operator couldn’t locate either Avola or Clearwater, but kept asking, “What is your nearest town?”

I won’t soon forget Operator #1’s interjection, “Oh, you’re calling from Canada?”

When they realized I was phoning from Canada, they patched me through to someone who could only relate to Kamloops as being my locale. At this point I think I blurted to Operator # 1, “It’s a good thing no one is bleeding to death!”

Somewhere thereabouts I was directed to Operator #3, but not before saying to Operator #2, “Oh forget it! I’m just reporting a speeder!”

This process took nearly 10 minutes and apparently obligated all parties to stay on the line until my emergency was ‘properly’ dispatched. Meanwhile, the speed demon was likely in Kamloops by the time I made Clearwater!

I’ll also not forget to leave my satellite phone in its cradle, stay instead between the rumble strips, and hopefully get home with more expediency – and in a lighter mood.

Road wary,

Byron Anderson

Little Fort, B.C.