School gym closed to the public

letter to the editor from Ashley Shannik, Barriere Secondary - School gym closed to the public

To the editor;

Barriere Secondary School is sad to report that it will no longer allow community members to use the weight room after school hours. School District 73 has expressed an ongoing concern for the safety of those individuals using this facility after hours, and the additional repairs required of the equipment due to all unsupervised use by SD 73 staff. There have been many individuals taking advantage of the weight room without having the necessary paperwork and waivers in place prior to use of this facility. SD73 is no longer willing to take on the risk of having community members using this facility for threat of possible legal action if injury were to occur.

For any individuals who have already signed up to use the weight room for the month of September you will receive a full refund of your payment. Please come into the office at your earliest convenience to receive your refund.

Ashley Shannik

Barriere Secondary

Athletic Department Head