Senior has lived with pipeline for 60 years

Senior has lived with pipeline for 60 years - letter to the editor

To the editor;

Re:  Mar. 26/12 Letter to the Editor, ‘Homeowners okay with double pipeline’.

Hats off to the Sonnesons for their positive outlook to twinning the pipeline through this valley.

Having lived in this valley since 1937 I have seen the advantages it has made.

Before Trans Canada came through there was a lot of land owned by people who would never have had any use for it.  The easements through it put  money in there hands they probably would never have seen otherwise.

I really don’t think it inconvenienced too many others.

They [the pipeline] certainly have a great history of upkeep; 60 years and no disasters that I know of (one in Vancouver, but they had to break that with a backhoe).

I often wonder if a lot of these naysayers and ‘anti’ people give any thought to where their welfare cheques, pensions, and a lot of other grants come from if it wasn’t for industries such as this.  To say nothing of the jobs they create.

Don’t cut trees down, don’t dig mines, don’t catch fish,  don’t produce oil or gas, or anything industrial;  but give us bigger grants and benefits, bigger pensions, better roads and bridges, and the list goes on.

Oh, but lower our taxes!

Anybody got any solutions how to pay for this utopia we all want?

SOMEBODIES GOT TO PAY,  or load it all onto our grandkids!

Have a gooder.

Royce W. Gibson

Barriere, B.C.