Senior warns others about her unfortunate “learning experience”

An unscrupulous business managed to sold me something that I neither need nor want

To the editor;

I want to share a “learning experience “ that happened to me recently as it might stop someone from making the same mistake I did.

In May of this year I received a notice in my mail informing me that my husband had “won something”.  I was curious what that could be about because my husband passed away two years ago.

I wondered if I should call the phone number given?   And against my better judgement did just that.

I spoke with the agent on the other end of the telephone line and told him that this notice was nonsense as my husband had passed.

He said, “It is now transferred to you, and you will be notified after the draw.”

To make a long story short, I let myself get talked into a program for “saving money on groceries”, and to Holiday Savings Online In Toronto.

I thought that I had refused to sign in to the Holiday Savings deal, but I found that I must have missed something.

I made a mistake by returning a large envelope I received in the mail back to the company without opening it.  I believed returning the envelope would cancel my sign-up.

Unfortunately, it did not, and it took three months before there was a cancellation.

I had paid a fee of $18 per month (by Visa) for all that time.

What I did not realize was that the Holiday Savings deal was not cancelled, and I had been charged that sum for four months also.

I have everything cancelled now – and have learned an expensive lesson.

I suggest that the company Holidays On Line, and its sister company are using devious methods to get customers.

I hope that I have helped someone, especially a senior like myself – I am 82-years-old.

But even though my mind functions well, an unscrupulous business managed to sell me something that I neither need nor want.

Elli Kohnert