Shame on spud stealer

letter to the editor from Liz Gilbertson - Shame on spud stealer

To the editor;

The community garden will be seeing some work done over the next  month, with eight foot fencing being put up all around to deter the deer.  We are hoping to have this done by the end of November.

Unfortunately, due to several recent thefts of the plot holders produce, including the recent theft of nearly all of the potatoes from  two different plots, we will also be investing in some locks for the  gates, and only plot-holders will have keys to these locks.

It is unfortunate that the acts of one or two inconsiderate  individuals spoil things for those who have gotten used to enjoying  the community garden.

Do they not understand that while it is a  ‘community’ garden, that doesn’t mean they can come in and take  anything they want?

A community garden is there for those in the  community who do not have space at home for a garden (perhaps they  live in an apartment building).

Some of the plot-holders grow food  for themselves, others grow food and give it away to the food bank, or  to their neighbours and friends.  But that is their choice to do so.   They are not growing their plants for the rest of us to just go in and  help ourselves.

Imaging the disappointment and dismay that the plot-holder felt when she arrived at the garden on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, to find  not one potato plant left in her entire plot.  They had been taken out  and entirely removed, leaving behind only empty holes where the roots  (potatoes) had been.  Even the tops of the plants were gone.

I only  hope that whoever stole them actually desperately needed them –  although, why did they have to resort to stealing?

Why didn’t they  just go to the food bank?  There they would receive not only potatoes,  but many other items as well, and at no cost.

Perhaps one day we will be able to start leaving the gates unlocked  again, but for now and until further notice, only plot-holders will  have access.

For those who would like to rent a plot, (and yes, there are still  plots available for next year), please contact me at 250-672-9337.

Liz Gilbertson

Community Garden Plot-holders

Barriere, B.C.