Simpcw disappointed with District regarding mutual aid

Discontinuation of the “Fire Protection Mutual Aid Agreement” between Simpcw and Barriere

To the editor;

The Simpcw First Nation would like the residents and the communities of the North Thompson Valley to be aware that the District of Barriere, Mayor and Council, has decided to not maintain the “Fire Protection Mutual Aid Agreement” with Simpcw First Nation.  This invaluable agreement was previously negotiated with the Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD) after the devastation of the 2003 Wildfire season that caused irreparable damage to the local economy and residents alike.

The “Fire Protection Mutual Aid Agreement” executed October 20, 2003 was for the co-operation of The Chu Chua Volunteer Fire Department and Barriere Volunteer Fire Department’s to provide mutual assistance when requested by either Fire Chief. When or if a call for assistance was made, any out-of-pocket expenses (fuel, lost or damaged equipment, food, etc.) was covered by the Fire Department requesting assistance.

With the discontinuation of the “Fire Protection Mutual Aid Agreement”, the Simpcw Council is disappointed in the District of Barriere and Council of the Day for their lack of support in the protection of Simpcw members who reside in Louis Creek as well as the residents of the Barriere Fire Protection area.

Simpcw First Nation Chief and Council will now be reconsidering and evaluating the support given for all future proposed projects that will be implemented by the District of Barriere.

Chief and Council

Simpcw First Nation