Smart meters; taking a stand

letter to the editor from Bryan Stawychny - Smart meters; taking a stand

To the editor;

Are smart meters another corporate scam that our politicians were dumb enough to fall for, or is there more to the story?

Evidence shows, the order to impose smart meters on Canadians—without a public hearing—came right from the top. Victoria?  Ottawa?  No, I mean the very top: the boardroom of US General Electric.

Thanks to Harper’s secret deals, international corporations now have more say in what happens in this country than you do.

Smart meters may be a necessary prerequisite to Harper signing the “perimeter security agreement”.  This deal would cage Canada in with the States in a perimeter security fence. Of course, Canada would first have to “up” its security standards to US Homeland Security level: extreme paranoia.

The US is spending $100 billion to watch its own people. Their plan (therefore, ours), includes fighter jets, drones, anal probes and militarizing the police forces (that’s why our cops have gotten so weird lately).

“As many as 30,000 drones could be part of intelligence gathering and law enforcement here in the United States within the next 10 years.”

As for smart meters, former CIA director David Petraeus wasn’t kidding when he said, ”we can spy on you through your dishwasher”.

Hydro and your government are lying to you. Smart meters or “long-term exposure to microwaves” may not be safe.

The fact is Canada’s wireless laws were written in another era. Research into wireless radiation has been dumped off on the industry itself; the fox is looking after the hens. And who is looking after the public?

Corporate horn-blower Bill Bennett.

Help us take a stand on smart meters. Bring back democracy.

Bryan Stawychny

Edgewater, B.C.