Softwood Lumber Agreement was a bad deal says Sundhu

Bill Sundhu says MP Cathy McLeod statement on Softwood Lumber rings hollow

To the editor;

Re: MP Cathy McLeod on Softwood Lumber.

MP Cathy Mcleod’s claim that preventing a trade war over softwood lumber is top priority for the Conservatives, rings hollow. The Conservatives went back on election promises and rammed through the Softwood Lumber Agreement in 2006.

They had previously “demanded that the US government play by the rules and abide by NAFTA and WTO rulings in Canada’s favour, and return more than $5 Billion in illegal softwood lumber tariffs”. But once in power, the Conservatives refused to provide direct help or guarantee any loan to help the industry stay afloat.

They bullied through the Softwood ratification vote as a motion of confidence in the government.

Conservatives agreed to forfeit $1 Billion of disputed funds to US lobby groups. $500 Million ended up with the US Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports.  The Conservative government yielded lunch money to the school yard bully and handed them a war chest to fund future trade challenges.

Harper threatened to slap Canadian holdout companies with 19 per cent charge on them if they refused to pay their share of the $1 Billion being forfeited to the US.

Before the ink was dry some companies were negotiating to use their portion of the refund money to purchase or ramp up production in US mills (remember Weyerhauser?).

Communities that had supplied these companies with resources for years, including tax concessions were left high and dry without one word of protest from the federal government or local MP’s.

It was under the Conservatives’ lax-export rules that millions of cubic metres of Canadian wood was exported to the US to run those mills.

We’ve lost thousands of BC jobs with the closure of several mills, much of it due to the softwood deal.

The Softwood Lumber Agreement was a bad deal for Canada and we were bullied and bludgeoned into it by the Conservatives while the MP in this riding meekly parroted the party line as hundreds of workers hit the unemployment lines.  The Conservatives failed us.

Bill Sundhu


Kamloops, B.C.