Spring a busy time for farmers

Spring a busy time for farmers - letter to the editor WR Huber

To the editor;

It is time for the world to renew.

All the seasons have a reason.

Hope springs eternal at this time of year.

From the sheep flocks to the calf crops, farmers are donning their gear.  All times day or night, by the warmth of the sun or the beam of a flashlight.  They act as doctors, midwives or vets,  to care for all they protect.

The hours are long this time of year.

Excitement and optimism, weariness and fatigue, a hot cup of coffee or maybe a beer.

All adversity aside, nothing can replace the plaintiff bleat of a lamb or bawl of a calf, the nickering of a mare saying “look what I have”.

Some wonder why, what makes these people tick?  But it’s hard to understand that love for the land; and the husbandry of animals is so refreshing this time of year.

So with little reward and little ado they’ll carry on coping, assisting, laughing and cursing till all those babies are nursing.

W. R. Huber

Barriere, B.C.