Standing up for teachers

Long term tragic events are set in motion when free public education is under a cloud of conflict

To the editor;

Most people, particularly those in government, do not seem to realize the long term tragic events that are set in motion when free public education is under a cloud of conflict as we see in British Columbia at the present time.

A free publicly funded educations is essential in a functioning democracy.  The quality of that education is the responsibility of all of society.

When it is continuously underfunded, ignored, criticized, even attacked, the quality is deeply affected.

The goals that teachers have for positively affecting the lives of their students are not immediately seen as when a product is made and sold, bringing the maker satisfaction.

Teacher’s goals must be long term and in the meantime they need to the support of society in encouragement, participation and understanding.

Today public tax funds for education are so splintered that the public system is badly weakened and teachers feel frustrated and deeply discouraged about the future of the public education system.  They don’t need to hear the cry that teachers are overpaid, lazy and apathetic.  That is only adding to the psychological burden they now experience in this present conflict.

All of us need to be more aware of what is happening as our society continues to berate the value of a common, publicly fully funded education system.

We need to be ready to encourage, participate actively and join with teachers rather than seeing them as a drain on our tax system.

The tragedy is our gradual loss of freedom if we continue to devalue the very system that is able to prepare and educated, decision making populace.  As it is going, only the economically privileged will be able to afford a quality education in the future.  That would be tragic for us all!

Lynette Wood

Barriere, B.C.