Stolen bike leaves broken heart behind

letter to the editor

Seven-year-old Nevaeh Roy with her beloved dirt bike

Seven-year-old Nevaeh Roy with her beloved dirt bike

To the editor;

On the afternoon of Sunday, Oct. 2, I joined my daughters on a beautiful, sunny, autumn Sunday dirt-bike ride.

We were travelling on Upper Heffley Louis Creek Road, close to our home in Whitecroft Village, just below Sun Peaks Resort.

Unfortunately, my seven-year-old daughter’s dirt bike broke down.

We got the bike going three times before it became apparent it was not going to make it home. I made the decision to leave it behind a bush on the side of the road, double up on my dirt bike and head for home to get our truck and pick up the bike.

Being that the road we were on is very rural, not heavily travelled and only  five minutes from home, I did not think it was necessary to take the dirt bike off into the thick brush and hide it.

Unfortunately, when we returned within 10 minutes,  her dirt bike was gone.

This bike was the only thing she asked for on her seventh birthday in June.

She happily sacrificed an expensive birthday party and any additional gifts in hopes of receiving this one and only gift.

We are not a family made of money, so her father, myself and both sets of her grandparents pitched in to finally make it happen for her.

The devastation she went through once we realized her bike had been stolen is something a child should never have to go through.

Yes, we are blessed that it is a material item and our family is in good health with a roof over our heads.

However, try explaining that to a seven-year-old girl who just lost her prized possession.

My hopes in writing this letter is to convince the thief to take a look at the situation.

The police don’t need to be involved.

Please, just leave it anywhere in Whitecroft Village and it will get home to console my daughter’s broken heart.

The bike is a 1997 blue and white Yamaha PW 50-cc auto.

It was stolen between the 3.5-kilometres and four-kilometre mark on Upper Heffley Louis Creek Road on Oct. 2 between 4:50 p.m. and 5 p.m.

It was taken on Sunday October 2nd between 4:50pm-5pm.

Anyone with information can call 250-578-7726 or email

Laura Jeffries