Strong Start program is just that

letter to the editor from Cheryl Thomas and Cindy Wilgosh - Strong Start program is just that

To the editor;

Strong Start is a program provided for the young residents of the valley.

This program is offered, for free, through the school district in both Clearwater and Barriere.  It is an opportunity for parents and their young children to socialize and learn all sorts of skills.

This wonderful program also provides an excellent opportunity for parents to network with each other, while also learning skills that enable them to interact happily with their children.

Each month, at the Barriere Elementary School, the Aboriginal Engagement Success By 6 coordinator Cindy Wilgosh and her side-kick, Cheryl Thomas provide an added bonus by entertaining the children and their families with songs and stories with Aboriginal cultural content to the Strong Start Barriere families in Ms. Tracy’s class-room.

An example of one of the interesting things that goes on in Ms Tracy’s classroom happened in January when we arrived at the Barriere Elementary School a little bit early.  We took a photo of ourselves with our Granny Grandpa Connection Box puppets that was on the photo board and together with a bit of help from one of the parents created a ‘snow-globe’ of ourselves.  It was a fun few minutes of working with glue, glitter and each other.

We encourage all Barriere parents to attend this free Strong Start opportunity with  your young children, and look forward to seeing you when we arrive.

Cheryl Thomas and Cindy Wilgosh

Aoriginal Engagement Success By 6