Students stand up for Elementary School

letter to the editor from the students of the BES Bulletin - Students stand up for Elementary School

To the editor;

As Barriere  Elementary school students, we would like to say that our school staff tries to and stops bullying as much as they can.   But sometimes they don’t see everything that happens,  so you can’t blame them!

We found the letter to be unpleasant because we love our staff.

We love the staff because they care about us, they listen to us, and they keep us safe.

The staff keeps us safe by practicing fire drills, and always knowing where we are. They make us want to come back to school. The staff are helpful bystanders.

We as a school would like to tell you we are supported at our school, and at the beginning of the year we are taught our behaviours that they want to see.

We feel that  the article about our school in the paper was very disappointing and we disagree. So in conclusion, we would like to thank our staff for supporting  us at school and keeping us safe.


Students of the B.E.S Bulletin