Thank you for such a caring community

To the community of Barriere - from Emily Lackie and Rick Turner

To the community of Barriere;

On December 23 our home was destroyed by a fire.  Over the last two weeks we have been overwhelmed by the generosity of the community of Barriere and area, and would like to express our heartfelt  appreciation and gratitude for all the help and support shown to us.

Firstly, our great appreciation for Margaret and Peter Blanke for calling 911 for us, and to the 911 operator who sent the police and ambulance.  Thanks to Amy and Heather of the B.C. Ambulance Service for their great care.

Constable Cory McGregor and Constable Evan Cadwallader, as well as Tom  Sorrenson and Kyle Greenwell, not only gallantly fought the fire, but  also towed our vehicles back to safety – thank you so very much for your efforts on our behalf.

A very special thank you to Edie Doering and Mike Fennell for their support and offering us a place to stay while we figure out what happens next; and to Hugh and Helen Fraser for clearing a spot for our horses.

Thank you also to both of our families and close friends, your support  has been wonderful.

It is heartwarming and very moving to have so many people helping us at this difficult time.  We have received so many things, from bales of hay for our horses, to cash donations.  Thank you to all of you:  Vicki Swan, Thelma, Brenda Jones, Catherine Lyons, Liisi, Morris, Donna Morgan, Gai Conan, Robert Bach, and if I have missed anyone, please know that your generosity is immensely appreciated.

This is  such a wonderful, caring community!

Emily Lackie and Rick Turner