Thank you from Donnie’s family

to the editor from Jo'Ann Kivari, Lindsay Nicholson and Don Nicholson Sr.

To the editor;

Tragedy struck our family with the recent sudden death of our 24-year-old son, Donnie Nicholson.

He grew up in Barriere, and the community played a huge part in defining his exceptional character.

Bob Hearn says, “It takes a community to raise a child.”  How true these words are.

We would be remiss in not expressing our heartfelt thanks for the outpouring of love and support that our family experienced in Donnie’s memory; from the people of Barriere and area, and from some very special friends of Donnie’s in particular.

Tammy Morgan, a lifelong friend, drove down from Grand Prairie in record time, orchestrated a fundraiser at the Knights Inn, and a bottle drive to raise money for Donnie’s Memorial.

Cheryl Fields formed a liaison with North Thompson Funeral Services and myself; and the resultant memorial was beautiful.  A huge thank you to Cheryl and her family.

Sydney Marshall organized the bottle drive, with immense help from Starr, Destiny and Evan Paul, Carrie and Jazz Stirling, Kyle, and Jeremy (Stacey) Fields.

Thank you Debbie Sabyan for the posters.

In our time of sorrow and need, we could not have managed without the countless people who stepped forward to help, including school bus drivers and teachers.

Thank you to the many whose names we do not even know –  you have all helped our family through a most difficult time.

With our most sincerest thanks and gratitude,

Jo’Ann Kivari,

Lindsay Nicholson, and Don Nicholson Sr.