Thanks extended to Barriere contractor for good work ethics

letter to the editor from Dyanne Johnson, Barriere

To the editor;

Periodically through my travels, I have had the pleasure of dealing with trades persons that are exceptional not only with their work, but also with their extending themselves, helping me personally.  This combination of excellent work ethics and kindness is in your community.

Lenaura Building Group, owned by Len and Laura VanNieuwkerk, have proved to be such a company, that goes beyond the norm in their work world.  Anyone who drives up East Barriere Lakes Road can see the exquisite handicap ramp.  What is not readily seen, is the wonderful work that has been done inside to accommodate my handicap needs.  Many times they went beyond the contract, personally adjusting my environment to help me.

When I find this kind of work ethics in a community, I desire to give these kind of persons a public accolade.  Hence, I am asking you to put this letter in your paper as both a public service, but also a personal thank you to this company.

Dyanne Johnson