Thanks for a great x-country ski holiday at The Forks

Letter to the editor from Barbara MacManus, Barriere

To the editor;

Two members of my family, visiting over Christmas, wanted to do some cross-country skiing.

Barb Smith and her husband Carman very kindly picked them up and took them to the Barriere Forks Park where this takes place.

Melanie and her daughter were totally in awe of what has been done to make the landscape attractive, as well as the small building with the fire lit and snacks all around.

They are looking forward to going back this summer for walking and next winter to ski.

Their experience has mostly been in the Laurentians, where the land and trees are totally different.

We would also like to thank other people in Barriere who donate their time, bring out heavy equipment to keep the trails groomed, and make sure wood is in place for the fire.

Barbara MacManus