Thanks for good customer service

To the editor;

Last fall I sent a letter to the editor regarding the new striped hydro poles in my front yard.  Here is an update on results.  I spoke with a young woman named Tabitha at Hydro, and also Kelly the Kindermorgan rep. for our area explaining my issues.  They both checked out my complaint and we were able to come up with a solution for all parties concerned.  As of today we now have new (non striped green in color) hydro poles.  They do have red balls attached close to the pole to designate the hydro line crosses the pipe line.   Many people told me “good luck” not expecting anything to happen when you deal with the big conglomerates like Hydro and Kindermorgan.  I believe we have to keep in mind that these people are everyday folks like you and me and are willing to assist where they can.   I would like to thank Tabitha of Hydro and Kelly from Kindermorgan for their great customer service.  You truly did go above and beyond and I really appreciate it.  

I have attached a picture showing the big difference to us over the one I sent you last fall.  The poles tend to blend in and not stick out so bad. One of the removed stripped poles is on the truck to the left.

Barb Denton

Little Fort