Thanks for the reminder

letter to the editor from Gabrielle Bekkvng, Norway - Thanks for the reminder

To the editor;

Thanks to Star/Journal editor Jill Hayward for her editorial regarding the 2003 McLure wildfire.

I live in Norway now, but recall the fire vividly.

I was living in Kamloops then and had taken in two evacuated families, one from McLure and one from Pinantan Lake, and their pets.

It was a frightening time as fire burned all around Kamloops, McLure and Barriere, Pinantan Lake, Strawberry Hill in Rayleigh, and Green Mountain.

Fires also burned to the south near Vernon, and west near Chase and Salmon Arm.

All we could do was sit tight and hope for the best.

At night the sky glowed in red.

It was sad to see people lose so much, but as you said, stuff can be replaced, lives not.

Thanks for the reminder Jill.

My husband and I visited McLure last May, and all seemed very normal.

Best regards,

Gabrielle Bekkvang (nee Reck)


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