Thanks from Farm Kids Fund to locals for help at New Year’s Eve event

letter to the editor from Steven Puhallo - Thanks from Farm Kids Fund to locals for help at New Year’s Eve event

Dear friends;

With our second annual Farm Kids Fund New Year’s Eve Bullarama fundraiser another success, we’re looking forward to ringing in 2015 just under a year from now with more cowboys, bulls and country music.

Events like these are not possible without an army of volunteers and community support. “It’s all about the Team.” is a phrase we do our best to emulate.  We seek to recognize those who contributed to our Bullarama fundraiser by our thank-you ad we placed after the event in this paper. We check our lists, talk to our Team members and hope to capture everyone who contributed directly to the event.

There are two people we missed this year. They made sure their Team members’ names were put forward for recognition, but in the proofing of the ad, I missed them; and for that, I apologize. Laura Mairs, and Len vanNieuwkerk have been awesome supporters, and part of the Farm Kids Fund family since we started this project. Without them there wouldn’t have been a professionally run bar at the Bullarama and during the New Year’s Eve celebrations; as well as the significant effort it takes beforehand to organize that part of the event.

Thank you Laura and Len, we love having you on the team. Its community people like you that make up the fabric of this town.

Steven L. Puhallo, President

Farm Kids Fund