Thanks to wonderful people in Barriere

All this kindness has made me realize just what our town is made of

To the editor;

Since Art died I have been amazed at the kindness of the people in this town.

I would like to thank you very much for the cards, phone calls and visits with hugs from so many people too numerous to name.

All this kindness has made things a lot easier to get through, plus made me realize just what our town is made of.

A whole lot of wonderful people.

I was still glowing from all this attention when we had our Heritage raffle draw. When the people who got the second prize came to pick it up they took one look at the big box full of things for a turkey dinner and asked me to give it to the Food Bank.

Just one more wonderful thing done by one of our town people. Makes me really proud to be a Barriereite. Thank you all.

Love and Merry Christmas,

Fran Wagstaff

Barriere, B.C.