The Bear temporary off air

Letter to the Editor from Steve Shannon, Barriere Radio

To the Editor:

As you are most likely aware, The Bear is temporarily off the air until further paperwork has been completed with the CRTC.

We hope to be back on the air in the very near future, (three to five weeks), and at that point will be increasing our power output to 50 watts erp.

The plan at first was to increase to 10 watts, then 20 watts, and go to 50 watts within two  years; however, the radio station has been so well received by the community, that an immediate increase in power is very much warranted.

Because of the power increase, much more technical paperwork and studies must be done in accordance with IC rules and regulations to allow The Bear to cover a larger area and with better quality of signal.

As a sponsor of the first test run of 93.1 The Bear, we would like to say a big thank you for your support.

Barriere is a wonderful place to live and do business, and North Thompson Radio is committed to giving Barriere the best radio station possible.

Steve Shannon

Barriere Radio –

The Bear 93.1FM