The Christmas cat

Happy to know there is now one less cat crying out in the world

To the editor;

About two weeks ago I looked out of our porch door and there coming up the walk was the prettiest cat I had ever seen.  It was a fluffy calico cat and it was crying like a child, and actually shedding tears.  It also never took it’s eyes off of me.

I quickly got a dish of cat food and set it on the step.  It started to eat and didn’t stop until it finished the dish and I refilled it.

We already have a cat and he would be upset if we took in another one.  But we also had an angel in our house that day who had come to help us, she is a caregiver who comes to homes where there is sickness.

When she was going home she scooped the new cat up in her arms, turned and grinned at me, and said “thank you”.

In the morning I phoned to see how she had made out with her new resident and she said it had cuddled with her all night, and she also has a kitten and they are now friends too.

I would not have sent the cat away, and would have fed it, but I doubt our own cat would have accepted it.

This worked out beautifully for both the lady of the house and her two companions.

I had never seen a cat crying before, and I am so happy knowing that there is now one less cat crying out in the world.

Our neighbour at one time was feeding up to 50 cats that people had dropped off.  Hard to believe is it not!

By Florence Debodt

Barriere, B.C.