The umpire is not blind?

The umpire is not blind?

To the Editor;

It appears that Donald Trump might not accept the election result.

I’m not complaining about that approach as my life might have been quite different if I hadn’t accepted “There is no position for you next year”, “It’s not you, it’s me”, “Your cancer test result has come back positive”, or even, “Someone has to come last”, but I didn’t have that option. I just had to accept and move on, or in his case maybe move out.

Like most people following any sport I have doubted an umpire’s eyesight, character or even honesty. But Trump is going to doubt maybe 100 million people who don’t vote his way.

Whenever I coached school sports teams I always emphasized “The umpire is right”, even if I doubted it as well.

Mature, strong people accept what the results are and move on. No more challenging the system that brought you to power – it doesn’t make mistakes, usually.

Dennis Fitzgerald

Melbourne, Australia