Unknown future costs blamed for failure of water referendum

letter to the editor from John Sibbelee, Barriere - failure of water referendum

To the editor;

To: Mr. I’m “In favour of the water system” (letter to the editor June 13, 2013).

Yes, I was at the same meeting as you.  I was the one asking questions on the matter at hand and the “phases” were to do directly with the change-out of the old pipe for new.  Phase one was to do with bylaw no. 102 section of Barriere Town Road.

How many more phases at $1,300 a piece there were was never answered.

This is why the referendum failed.  You were busy dreaming about “feeding children, mowing lawns, painting fences, replacing roofs, etc. etc.”, ‘till you woke up at the end of the meeting to admonish the rest of us about being united with the council.  Yes, I was there.

Mr. Mayor: Nothing gets past you.  Wow, I wrote a letter in this paper, you caught that and showed how witty you are.  Trouble is, you’re only witty half the time.

Your skirting of the communications problem is not witty, your answers to questions are not witty, your brow-beating and your arrogance are not witty.

I’ve written letters to the editor before, as anyone in town would know, but being an interloper, you would not.

The people that my comments reached were you, the editor, and the few people who do read this paper.

Your own column proves most things about you that most people already knew.  This is a good thing.  Given enough rope – or a half page column – you will eventually hang yourself out to dry.

John Sibbelee

Barriere, B.C.