Vote against Bill C-400 had no heart

Letter to the editor from Michael Crawford, Kamloops - Vote against Bill C-400 had no heart

To the editor;

On Wednesday, February 27, MP Cathy McLeod, along with all the rest of the Harper Conservatives voted against legislation that aimed to create a national housing strategy.

What a terrible shame and an embarrassment that Canada is now the only G8 countries without a national commitment to address homelessness and provide adequate housing.

Harper and his mandarins are telling all who will listen that the cost of passing the legislation would be too high.

Most of the churches, non-profit, and governmental agencies who supported Bill C-400 are saying today that Conservatives just don’t care.

Given that private member bills are not permitted to deal with finances, and that this particular bill only sought to ensure consultation between the federal and provincial/territorial governments leading to a housing strategy, I can see how more and more Canadians are concluding that Conservatives have no heart.

Michael Crawford

Kamloops, B.C.