Voting out government

letter to the editor from Jim Lamberton, the Rambling Man - Voting out government

To the editor;

Last Sunday night, April 14, Christy Clark had her thirty minutes of fame on Global T. V.  It looked like a scrapbook of photo opps from the past two years, all “I”, “I”, “I” and “Me”, “Me”, “Me”!

It’s like she waved her magic wand and every corrupt event the Liberals presented in the past ten years just evaporated.

The world has just mourned the passing of Margaret Thatcher, England’s “Iron Lady”.  We have Christy Clark, B. C.’s “Plastic Lady”.

It’s very disheartening to sit and listen to all the Liberal attack ads and fear mongering about the N. D. P. in the 90’s.  Don’t talk to me about the “War In The Woods” or the protest in Victoria.

I attended that protest on the lawn of the parliament buildings.  The Liberals never came to power with a majority.

The N. D. P. was thrown out by the majority.  What the N. D. P. did in the 90’s is totally insignificant compared to the crap the Liberals have pulled on the people of this province in the past ten years.

The Liberals have to wake up and realize that many B. C. voters are not interested in the politics of the 90’s.

A portion of the voting public wasn’t even born then.

The Liberals also should realize that B. C. voters don’t consider the selling of B. C. Rail (or the $1.6 billion in “hush money” from the federal government for sneaking in the H. S. T.) an actual balancing of the budget.

It’s time again to go to the polls and vote out another government.

It certainly would be a nice change to vote one in.

On a brighter note, it’s nice to know that global warming has ended.  Rumour has it that even the Carbon Tax is frozen.

Jim Lamberton

The Rambling Man


Clearwater, B. C.