Waiting for the police

To the editor;

I have just read that our RCMP want to trade in their shotguns for rifles with large capacity magazines because they find, under the present circumstances, they need them.

Now I don’t doubt that our main front line of defense provided by our government needs more firepower to combat crime. It’s strange though when we have been told that crime is on the decline.

What concerns me is the “automatic” response we hear from their “spokespeople” that they don’t want people to “take things into their own hands” even when they are not available to protect us.

Would they not be very happy for honest citizens, who are properly trained in the use of self-defense, to help in the preservation of life?

Perhaps  all Canadians should be offered training so they can properly protect themselves while they are waiting for a response to their 911 call.

If the RCMP see the need for “proper tools” to protect their lives, what about the Canadian citizens who have to wait  for a police response?

Instead of making it harder for honest citizens to have “proper tools” to protect themselves, perhaps the “powers that be” should encourage  proper training and education on self defense.

I‘ll bet that would make criminals want to go somewhere else for easier pickings if they knew they would face strong resistance at every turn.

Hey, RCMP, thank you for your efforts.

I hope that you get your “firepower”.

I hope that you are “there” for me if I should need you.

And I hope that you understand I will protect my life and the lives of my loved ones by whatever means available to me. So would you!

Thank you,

Chris Gilmore

Logan Lake, B.C.