Wandering dogs chronic offenders in Barriere

letter to the editor from Jody Haws - Wandering dogs chronic offenders in Barriere

To the editor;

In response to your counter argument Ann Piper. First off, I will indeed keep this short and again legible.

When I submitted my letter about a few consistent dogs running around town, I did not mention dog crap, although that seemed to be the focus in the response.  I talked about threatening dogs. A dog that ripped my sons cat open two feet off my deck (I have a picture that is too grotesque to print), a dog that threatened my son on our porch, OUR porch, another such dog that growled at me on my own deck.  The neighbour shooed him away when I turned my back and he came back at me.

I have been a dog owner, and I am not a biased person; but I do have enough wits about me to know when my son’s cat is bleeding to death, and my son as well as myself, have been threatened in our own yard to know there is a problem here.

The dogs that are chronic offenders do not walk themselves in Fadear Park, they are in our yards, travelling through, and off the beaten path.

However, perhaps you should show your letter to the child that got bitten downtown thus requiring stitches, the police could do nothing in that matter to enforce a bylaw that does not exist.

Perhaps, when read in clarity, I am merely pointing out a gap in Barriere’s bylaws.

Jody Haws

Barriere, B.C.