Wandering dogs have resident calling for District to take action

Letter to the Editor from Jody Haws, Barriere, BC re wandering dogs

To the editor;

Many people, myself especially, are weary of dogs running at large in Barriere. It is time the town put some animal bylaws in action to thwart this.

When you make the decision to become a council driven town, along with it comes an obligation toward safety for the municipality.

Last year my sons cat was ripped up on my lawn by a dog travelling through our yard. Upon hearing the commotion I went out and yelled at the dog whom stood his ground at the end of my deck barking at me. Having been with dogs my whole life, I have no fear of them and let him know that, and threw a lawn chair at the beast in distraction so I could slip back into my home, later to retrieve our bleeding cat from a tree.

I wondered later what might have happened if the dog was face to face with someone whom displayed fear, or a small child.

I took pictures of my sons cat and his gaping wounds to the town office, and they told me they could not afford bylaw enforcement therefore would do nothing. However, not before derisively telling me that “I could put up a fence”!

I was stunned that they could side with irresponsible pet owners and delegate the monetary value of refuge to a renter/single mom, whom obviously cannot just go erect a fence.

The RCMP told me that unfortunately Barriere has no bylaws, so they could not help either. I was also told by them if I were to shoot a dog I would face charges.

The SPCA in Kamloops said I could bring the dog in on my own time and money, and they would take it if they had room, but then I was responsible for it, and there could be drop off fees.  Pardon?

There is no way I am catching and putting a hostile dog in my vehicle and paying for it to reside at the SPCA, nor hiring someone to build a fence because of a shoddy pet owner; the ridiculousness of it all.

In December I set out garbage on the porch, after dinner my son was to take it to the dumpster. He was met on the porch by a dog eating our garbage.  The dog kept its head down above its feast, eyes on my son, while showing his teeth and growling.  Any person whom has been around dogs knows exactly what the dog’s actions are saying; if my son had moved out onto the porch, the dog would have reacted with violence.

My neighbour and I confronted the dog, whom just stood in our driveway barking at us. I again retrieved our cat from hiding, thankfully not bleeding profusely this time.

I know that a lot of townsfolk are accredited dog owners, but there are some here whom lack accountability for their animals. Why? Because they have nobody to be held accountable to!

I am sure not dumping on the odd misplaced dog that gets caring pet owners in a dither when they go missing, I am addressing the consistent dogs seen travelling Barriere regularly.

How can the District of Barriere justify charging the people hundreds of dollars every year for street lamps on their city bills to allegedly ‘keep our town safe’, then turn a blind eye to animals threatening people and their pets?

If these dogs had been reported chasing a deer, Conservation would come out and shoot them. Yet people, evidently, are secondary in the eyes of our town officials.

When one of these animals attacks a little child, I want to remind the District of Barriere that they turned a blind eye to this situation and the people whom make up their assemblage and salaries, and responded only with ludicrous suggestions.

I propose anyone whom has had issues with dogs at large here to start sending in correspondence to the District of Barriere and/or stopping by their office and filing complaints, and to keep doing this until they ultimately realize something has to be remedied concerning this issue.

Jody Haws

Barriere, B.C.